CDR provides the following seven stand-alone Construction Defect Claim workshops:

  1. The Basics
    1. What is a Construction Defect?
    2. Occurence? Property Damage?
    3. Duty to Defend v. Duty to Indemnify
    4. Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability Policies

  2. When Does Property Damage Happen?
    1. What is Trigger of Coverage?
    2. One or More Occurrences?
    3. Montrose v. Admiral

  3. Allocation in Continuous Damage Claims
    1. To Whom and Why?

  4. Reconciling Contractual Indemnity and the Additional Insured
    1. The Same? Different?

  5. Business Risk Exclusions
    1. What is a Business Risk?
    2. How and When do the Exclusions Apply?

  6. Liability and Damages
    1. Contract v. Tort
    2. Types of Damages
    3. Defenses and Litigation Management